With Midjamo find nearby doctors, schedule appointments seamlessly, and check medication availability. Avoid long waits and transport costs. Download the app for Free.

My good network when I am sick!

Doctor and pharmacy on-call schedules. Find services online or in person. Personalized follow-up with dedicated messaging. 100% Free.

Why Midjamo?

Midjamo is your ideal health partner

We have the network, do you?

Consultation schedule and fees

To avoid surprises and waits, check schedules, fees, physical location and online offer, updated by the doctor himself

Search for your prescription

Use Midjamo to find out the availability of your prescription in the 5 closest pharmacies at any time. Avoid stress, anxiety and expense

Prescription tracking

Benefit from personalized prescription follow-up with a family pharmacist close to your health. Use our dedicated messaging system to track your condition, receive reminders and discuss side effects

Start a unique experience

If you get sick again, remember that you have the right network

Download Midjamo for free

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